What our patients say…

As a practicing nurse I understand how important it is for holistic assessment and treatment for the wellbeing of the individual. I have found homeopathy at Bingley Homeopathic Practice very useful for myself and my family either alongside or as an alternative to conventional treatment. We have all experienced excellent results with a whole range of conditions ie, Eczema, asthma, stress and stress-related symptoms. As well as recurring infections that may flare up from time to time. What I like about homeopathy is the gentle effect it has on the body which seems a more natural method of healing and that general overall good health is achieved from just one remedy selected for the individual. I also feel happy with the fact that it is one of the few complementary therapies endorsed by the NHS.

Mrs H.W. Bingley.

Thank you for treating my son aged seven, who has suffered with eczema since birth, We wanted an alternative to the steroids that seemed to be all that conventional medicine had to offer. Thank goodness we found homeopathy, after only a few visits he has now been clear of the eczema for over a year and is a happy little boy again.

Mrs K. Keighley.

I have to admit that I came to homeopathy as a last resort having been unwell for some years with nausea and poor sleep. I now feel that I have my life back, thank you so much.

Ms W. Bradford.

I first came to see Monica Robinson over fifteen years ago with Post Natal Depression, I could not believe that one little pill could make me feel so well! I have been to see her several times over the years for various ailments and am very pleased with the treatment, so much so that my three children have all been treated by Monica since birth and have never had an antibiotic.

Mrs A. N. Bingley.

We brought our son who was suffering with acute anxiety, mostly regarding his GCSE’s. I have to admit that I was sceptical about homeopathy after the things I had read and heard in the media, but I was extremely impressed with the professionalism, understanding and of course the treatment we received. I was amazed at the change in our son which I am convinced was not a ‘placebo’ effect. Our son, by the way is now at University!

Mr R. Bingley.