Consultations & Fees

The Homoeopathic Consultation

Homoeopathy treats the root cause of your illness as well as the symptoms your illness produces, no two illnesses are exactly alike just as no two individuals are exactly alike, therefore homoeopathy is a very individual form of medicine. The homoeopath will need to take a detailed case history, this will mean sharing information that at first may appear to have little to do with the main problem you have come about, such as your likes and dislikes, your temperament, the conditions that make you worse or better, your previous illnesses, sleep patterns and your general state of health.

This kind of information is very important so the homoeopath can gain a complete overview of you as an individual, in order to prescribe the one single remedy that will help you to get well.

Consultation Fees


First appointment £120.00

Follow up appointment. £60.00

Child (under 10 years)

First appointment. £85.00

Follow up appointment. £50 00

+We accept all major credit and debit cards.

+All fees include the homoeopathic remedy prescribed.

Please note that the first consultation usually takes about one hour, a follow up appointment is normally scheduled one month later and takes about 30 minutes. Home visits can be arranged but may incur a small traveling fee.

Please note that we are always happy to adjust our fees for anyone in receipt of benefits or whose circumstances mean they can not afford treatment when they need it most. We also offer a low cost student clinic organised by the Yorkshire College of Classical Homeopathy, Fees are just £30 for an initial consultation and £15 for a follow up (medicine included) please go to for further details

Many health insurance schemes such as, HSA and Sovereign Health now include homoeopathy and homoeopathic treatment is available on the NHS ask your GP for a referral.