Bingley Homeopathic Practice

What is Classical Homeopathy ?

When you visit a Classical Homeopath you will find the experience similar to visiting a Doctor, Counsellor or Psychotherapist. We listen to your symptoms in detail. How did the problem start ? How it effects you ? How are you coping with the illness. Do you have confidence issues ? Maybe anxiety problems or do you fly off the handle at the least thing. In what way do you feel perhaps stuck, unable to move on. Whatever the issues you have, Homeopathy will address them. The Homeopathic treatment will bring you back to a place of health and well being. Unlike conventional drug treatment, homeopathic treatment does not suppress your symptoms. It works in harmony with your body bringing you back to health and well being. Patients report more energy and a feeling of able to face things that they couldn’t before. A sort of strength and wellness. We work with you to reduce your medication if at all possible but this must only be done gradually and with your GP. Most GP’s are happy to do this if possible but everyone is an individual and many factors come into play. The type of medication, etc

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